Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms | What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Trading Platforms:- In today’s Era, everything is getting digitalized day-by-day where you don’t have to put much effort by presenting yourself physically for any work whether it is about shopping, communicating with people, buying tickets without maintaining queue or anything. And BITCOIN is one of the important aspects of modern technology.


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Digital money or cryptocurrency released in 2009 by a person or some uniquely named group called Satoshi Nakamoto which helps in exchanging cash digitally without any involvement of banks or any financial institution due to which there is no extra amount charged for your certain exchange. In a more technical way, it’s a peer to peer exchange i.e. direct exchange of money in any part of the world without any help of the central authority system and no fee charges for the Bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin which involves a lot of cryptographic techniques and mathematical operations for its transactions is reaching its market sky-high as its making the exchange at the fingertips. Bitcoin could be split into infinite unit amounts due to its continuous releasing.

For the perfect Bitcoin trading, there are the best Bitcoin trading platforms available today but earlier, there were no such best bitcoin trading platforms. There was just one company or website you say which was made after 2009. These days there are numbers of bitcoin trading platforms which is confusing as every trading platform has its own best quality than others.

Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms | What Is Bitcoin?
Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms | What Is Bitcoin?

More On Bitcoins

For investing in Bitcoin, you will have to make Bitcoin wallet in the best bitcoin trading platform of your choice. Every Bitcoin wallet has its own unique address like a bank account number. Suppose you want to send some Bitcoin to your friend then you would have to send it on that particular address of Bitcoin wallet. At the time you send Bitcoin, it generates a digital signature by the help of which computers/nodes which are connected to Bitcoin networks verify whether you have those Bitcoins available with you or not.

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All the transactions of bitcoins are recorded in a Blockchain where you can see all of your transactions. All the new transactions records are maintained by Miners. They add verified Bitcoin transactions in a block and seal the block by solving a difficult puzzle so that no one can hack it for which they get the reward in the form of new Bitcoins. After solving the puzzle, a block is published into the bitcoin network where nodes verify the block and after these processes, a single block gets added into the blockchain. Presently, a miner gets 12.5 Bitcoins & transaction fees in mining a single block which equals to 1 Mb in size.

At the time of writing this, 1 Bitcoin = 3,57,980.38 INR

Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Now, as we know much more about Bitcoin, Lets deep dive into the best Bitcoin trading platforms in the world to narrow your confusion regarding which is the suitable Bitcoin trading platform for you –


It is one of the top 10 Bitcoin trading platforms.
Binance is a combination of two words binary & finance. It is a pure cryptocurrency trading platform where you cannot exchange fiat currency and has a low trading fee.

In this Bitcoin trading platform, the process is simple. At first, you will have to make an account and you don’t need to verify it if you have a 2btc withdrawal limit. This is the case of level one. The higher the level, the greater the verification like a photo, id proofs, etc.

In Binance, there is a proper discount given to you at the time of payment.
1st year- 50%
2nd year-25%
3rd year- 12.5%
4th year-6.75%
5th year – no discount


This is a U.S based trading platform and perfect for beginners also. For bittrex, registration is easy through your email id but for withdrawal, you need id proofs verification. Security is the top priority of it. BITTREX offers more than 180 cryptocurrencies.

In basic level – 3 BTC per day is limit
In advance level- 100BTC per day


This works in both the currencies, fiat currencies & cryptocurrencies like JPY & USD. All fees vary depending on the pair of coin i.e. main coins pairs have higher fees value – 0.1% to 0.35% where $20 minimum is common for all either higher or lower valued pairs.


This is especially for Altcoins. It allows only cryptocurrencies trading. In this, there is a very clear graph and chart available for you to understand the basics of trading and doing it with ease. It has near about 97 trading pairs. If you have an advanced level verification then you can withdraw more than $25k


This is the simple and perfectly secured platform for bitcoin trading and has a special feature of dealing with the customers. Payment fees are not so high and common for both seller and buyer as 0.25%.


This is a Honk-Kong based platform and allows users to exchange easily. It has 24/7 customer services available. In this, a number of cryptos -currencies is available to trade along with fiat currencies. BITIFNEX also offers’ fill or kill’, β€˜one cancels other services’ etc and contains near about 72 market pairs of coins.


This charges a minimal fee of 0.5% for trading. It gives you the exchange in no time and you can see your transaction easily with login only.
Changely supports several coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Golem, Ethereum, ripple, neon and many more. It is used by near about 4,50,000 bitcoin traders.

HADAX(A subordinate of Huobi )

In this, the maker’s & taker’s fee is 0.2% only and works in 13 different languages. This is the first platform where users are selected by voting method on tokens. The main aim of Huobi is to maintain transparency, security and legitimacy and profit to their traders.


Here we have learnt about Bitcoins and it’s best platforms to trade in it. The information provided is researched and well explained by our team. If you like the information then please share it with our mates, So that, they can also increase their knowledge about this interesting and worthy platform.

For any doubts, you can contact us here or simply write in the comment section below and will definitely answer your question.

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