Computer Classification | Major To Minor Classification

Basics of classification and Computer classification

  • Classification is an important part of the study of any sphere. It facilitates an easier categorization and therefore an easeful study takes place. There are enormous ways to classify on various different parameters based on the topic of study.
  • Computers are the new day thing in almost every sphere of life and work. However, this cannot be overlooked that certain years back, understanding of a device like a computer was a thing of toil and mindfulness. A lot of analysis and evaluation was done to understand the working and uses of a computer; this includes Computer classification on various grounds which have finely facilitated the studies.
  • The computer classification can be explained as the segmentation, grouping, and categorization of computers on the basis of their abilities, purpose, data handling, and functionality. The requirement of this classification arises also because the computers vary in numerous capabilities and configurations.

Some basic types of classifications are briefed about further-

Computer classification on the basis of purpose

On the basis of purpose, Computer classification gives two major categories namely general purpose and specific purpose computers. As the name explains their distinction, the general purpose computers are meant to serve a variety of uses that are generally performed. However, the specific purpose computers are assembled to cater to a specific high level or more severe type of purpose and requirements in certain sectors of importance.

Computer classification on the basis of functionality

The Computer classification on the basis of functionality strikes out three major categories- analog computer, digital computer, and hybrid computer.

Analog Computer

The computers that fall into this category are those that make use of phenomena which are physical in nature. Mechanical, hydraulic and electric are these physical phenomena.

Digital Computer

Digital computers are those which perform operations and calculations on the quantities which are represented in digits.

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computers are a combination of digital and analog computers. The computers that fall into this category of Computer classification are capable of operating in both digital and analog signals.

Computer Classification
Computer Classification

Computer classification on the basis of size

On the basis of size, the classification of computers has brought about three major categories- supercomputers, mainframe computers, microcomputers, and workstations.


Supercomputers are that type of computers which hold immensely high computation powers and abilities. They are specialized to perform various tasks of high accuracy and spontaneity. Nuclear researches, petroleum exploration, dynamic calculations, etc are all done using supercomputers.

Mainframe computers

The mainframe computers are extremely large and also very expensive computers which allow thousands of users to simultaneously. In certain ways, mainframe computers are more powerful than supercomputers because they let many simultaneous tasks to be operated.

Micro  Computers

Microcomputers are personal computers that are generally used. Desktop computers, laptop computers, palmtop computers, digital diary, notebooks, and PDAs are some major examples of microcomputers.


Workstation computers are specially designed for scientific and technical applications and work. It is basically designed to be used by one person at a time and is usually connected to LAN (local area network).

The classification of computers has therefore mad the study and understanding of computers easier and more understandable. If you find this information helpful then please share it with your friends so that they can also increase their knowledge.

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