Who Is A Data Analyst | Skills Needed | Responsibilities

Before coming to ‘who data analyst is’ and ‘what does he do’, let us get an idea of ‘what is data analysis.’

Data Analysis

It refers to the process of assessing, analyzing and inspecting each and every detail of some data provided. Analytical and logical tools are used for this. It is about breaking down the data and then evaluating the same. The evaluation is done keeping in mind the trends during various time phases. Comparisons are done. And finally, the data is visualized from varying perspectives.
Data analyst is the person who carries out all of these tasks.

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Data Analyst And Types

He performs the work of data crunching and data mining followed by acquiring insights to better solve the business problems and make better decisions. He does so according to the field the data is about. There are differences between many different data and data types. But even then there are some common points among them all which every data analyst takes into consideration. The data analyst’s work holds great importance. This is because the productivity level of the company and revenue of the organization ultimately depend upon his work.

Data analysts can be working in an area that can be business intelligence, data quality, data assurance, higher education, finance, sales, marketing or any other field. Data analysts are required in almost all areas.

Basic Responsibilities Of A Data Analyst

It is clear how significant the position of a data analyst is. And such positions come with responsibilities. Following are some of them:

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Creation of accurate reports

First of all, the data analyst studies the data and then prepares reports. The reports should be accurate in terms of minute details. Then only they can be useful to the business.

Finding the level of progress with time

Next, the analysis should be done in such a way, that he is able to identify when the graph of the company went down and when it went up. The factors behind the rising and falling of the graph should be mentioned with reasons and examples.

Data collection

Data collection is not that easy. It is the responsibility of the data analyst to find the correct information and data. Only then can he come up with true solutions for the company.

Adding value to the data

Once the data is collected and studied, it is the data analyst who can make it valuable. For this, he provides the details and reports based on that data. Better the data, better the reports and better is the company’s productivity.

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Skills Required In A Data Analyst

There are certain basic skills required. But sometimes even someone, who has not done a course in data analysis field or some related area, can become a successful data analyst. Following are some of the basic skills needed in him:

Data Analyst
Data Analyst

Good mathematical skills

It’s all about math because it’s all about facts and figures. It is in terms of numbers that one can analyze data. Making of reports also needs the accuracy of figures to properly and efficiently take decisions for the future.

Good presentation skills

A data analyst is expected to carry knowledge as well as confidence. He should be able to convey his point in front of the seniors and dignitaries. Presentation skills put a different impact on the listeners. Good presentation saves time and efforts.

Good communication skills

It is one of the most important skills in the industry. It is needed everywhere but here as well. A clear flow of communication is required to let others understand your thoughts and findings.

Knowledge related to industry tools

Some tools mostly used these days are MATLAB, Python, SQL, SAS, and Hive. The data analysts need to know how to work with these. They need to be aware of the latest tools in the market.

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Knowledge of MS-Office Suite

Most of the work has to be done on MS-EXCEL and MS-Word. So one needs to have sound knowledge of the same. Familiarity with them is also okay for a beginner.


Data analysis is an extremely important part of any organization. This puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of a data analyst.

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