History Of The Internet | A Memorable History

First communication in the history of the internet
It was in October in the year 1969, that a student of UCLA made a simple communication to a computer at the SRI or the Stanford Research Institute. The distance was three hundred miles and it was a simple transmission towards the north. The student named Charley Kline sent the transmission to the computer which had Kline working over it. Kline was working under an Internet pioneer named Leonard Kleinrock, who belonged to the earliest of the pioneers. Kline typed the word ‘login’ which allowed him to use SRI’s computer. It was as if sitting just next to it.
So this was the first communication in the history of the internet.

Internet – History

ARPANET or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network is one of those networks which forms the basis of today’s internet. It was the precursor to the Internet. ARPANET was being developed by Department of Defense while in conjunction with a number of universities. The aim of the development of the ARPANET was to develop communication and make it possible for this department of defense. So the researchers of the universities worked together to come up with this network which helped the department to share details and information with their people working in the other cities of the US.

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It was after this, that more universities started joining the system of ARPANET. Two universities which joined the system are namely UC Santa Barbara and the University of Utah.

First Glimpse Of The Computer Network

History Of The Internet
History Of The Internet

It was the year 1972 when the network came to be known publically. The place was the International Computer Conference where the information was being shared. Many more universities by then had started participating in the network of ARPANET. During this stage, internet development was going fast and smooth that form a part of the history of the internet.

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Other Developments

There were a number of other developments taking place in different areas of the world. All of these played their parts in introducing the internet and bringing it to the level where it stands today. For the purpose of letting communication happen between computers, TCP/IP language was being developed. TCP or Transmission Control Protocol / IP or Internet Protocol was a common language that was being finalized by a person named Dr. Vinton Cerf.

With the TCP/IP language, FTP or the File Transfer Protocol gained dominance and significance as it was helping out the users to access files on some remote computer. This was a great step, as it allowed networks other than the ARPANET to connect with more networks including the ARPANET and also with networks introduced at UCLA. All these are important mentions in the history of the internet.

Further Development In The Process

Now there were many more institutions becoming a part of the internet world. The first outside institution to do so was the National Science Foundation. Besides these, more government, educational as well as non-profit institutions also joined the line. By the year 1984, about one thousand computers had become a part of the network. A lot of work was done to let this growth occur.
Hence the work continued towards the upcoming glorious path.

Introduction Of The World Wide Web

World Wide Web is one of the most important slices of the internet when the internet is considered a pie. It was a completely new system to carry out communication and is immensely significant in the history of the internet. Introduced by a scientist, currently at Massachusetts, is the person behind this development. This scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, came up with the development in the year 1989, which makes use of hyperlinks as well as a graphical interface which is user-friendly. According to him, the World Wide Web cannot be of any use without the internet.

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Difference Between Web And Internet

World Wide Web or simply Web is different from the internet as it is just a part of the internet. Similarly, there are many more parts of the internet like email, streaming audio channels and video-conferencing. And as said by the founder, the World Wide Web is not of use without an internet connection.

Timeline Of Internet

History Of The Internet
History Of The Internet

Talking of the frequent developments in the history of the internet, following need to be known:
• 1994: Four major NAPS were introduced by the National Science Foundation. Also, internet search engines like Yahoo and Excite started.
• 1995: Number of internet hosts reached four million. A project was started by Apache. SAIC acquired Network Solutions Inc. Internet search engines like Alta Vista began.
• 1996 and 1997: 9 million internet hosts were present. It reached 16 million in 1997.
• 1998: The ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was formed.

Internet Today

The Internet has no governing body, as it is a distributed network containing a number of interconnected networks. The basis of most of the technological development, the internet is considered as a godly gift to mankind from itself.

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