What Is Solar Energy?

The Sun is a massive source of energy in the form of light as it’s a natural nuclear reactor. When this energy emitted by Sun is being used for our own purpose, then it’s called solar energy. Although there are a lot of uses of this form of energy, for example, heating purpose, cooking purpose, and many more. But this solar energy can also be used in a manner to produce electricity for household purpose and so for commercial use. And the major advantage of this type of electricity production is, it is 100% economical and environment-friendly. So, let’s come to the point that how this solar energy is used to produce electricity.

How To Make Electricity From Solar Energy

What Is Solar Energy?
What Is Solar Energy?

The Photovoltaic solar panel is the main component to generate electricity from the sunlight. These solar panels contain a large amount of tiny Photovoltaic solar cells. And these solar cells are made up of silicon semiconductors. These Photovoltaic Solar Cells are connected in such a way (as shown in the figure) that p-Type semiconductor is placed below the n-Type semiconductor.

Working Of Solar Panels

When the light comes on the n-Type semiconductor, then electron present in it got excited by the energy gain and moves to fill the holes in the p-Type semiconductor. This movement of electrons will result in the flow of current across the two terminals of the solar panel. As the electrons move from n-Type to p-Type semiconductor, hence, the current goes from the p-Type to n-Type semiconductor. This Photovoltaic solar cell produces a DC (Direct Current) current. Therefore, for using this current for a domestic or commercial purpose it has to be converted into AC (Alternating Current) current. An inverter is the most suitable device for making this DC current into AC current.

What Is Solar Energy?
What Is Solar Energy?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Panels


Pollution Free:- Solar Panels are 100% pollution free and economical as there is no harmful emission of gases takes place.

Renewable Source Of Energy:- Solar Panels helps in generating electricity every day even if it’s cloudy outside.

Low Operating Cost:- There is no variable cost or additional resource is are required to produce electricity.

Works At Night Also:- We can store electricity in batteries to use in the night also.

Easy Installation:- Solar Panels can be installed anywhere like in a field, on a roof, or on a building also.


High Installation Costs:- Requires a high investment for setting up the solar panels.

Requires Lot Of Space:- Needs a lot of space for the installation of these panels.

Needs Battery For Storage:- There is no power production by solar panels during the night and hence, a battery is always must for the backup purpose.

Low Production On Cloudy Days:- During Winter season and cloudy days, the amount of sunlight is low and is available for a limited period of time and therefore production is minimal then normal days.

Depends On Geographical Locations:- Power production and the size of solar panels also depends on the geographical locations. At the two poles of the earth, the amount of sunlight is low and therefore more solar panels are compulsory for generating the same amount of electricity.


So this is the full guide on the solar energy and solar panels. If we talk about the conclusion then installing the solar panels is always a good idea. It always helps even in bad climatic situations and emergency cases.

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