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Storage devices refer to the hardware that is used to store data and information on a permanent or a temporary basis.

They are the computing hardware that is capable of storing, porting as well as extracting data files and objects. The devices can be both internal or external. The devices can be internal or external also to a server or some other computing device that is similar in nature with computers.

Let’s study the types of storage devices used.

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Types of storage

There are two types of storage devices from the context of.

Storage Devices
Storage Devices

Primary storage: Primary storage devices are meant to be internal and store the comparatively lesser amount of data. They store data temporarily. But they carry the greatest data access speed. Besides RAM or random access memory, it consists of cache memory as well.

Secondary storage: Secondary storage can be internal and external. It is also removable. Secondary storage devices store data permanently and carry huge storage capacity. So they are meant for storing data that is quite large in size. Naming a few of them, they are hard disk, optical disk drive as well as USB storage device.

Now let’s go through some storage devices that are being used widely today.
Computer storage/Types and examples of storage devices

Following are some categories of storage devices:

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Magnetic storage devices

These are among the most commonly used storage devices. Following are some of these devices:

Floppy Diskette

This one’s a computer disk drive that stores data so that it can be removed later if required. The disks have been coming in different sizes. But with the advancement in technology, the size has gone on reducing, making it more convenient to use.

Hard Drive

A hard disk drive is used to store data on a permanent basis and in large quantities. It’s non-volatile memory hardware and is installed in all computers. These store operating system files, various software programs, and our personal precious files.

Magnetic Strip

It comes on the outside of a magnetic card or can be in the form of a magnetic object inside. It holds information details like those of people’s credit cards. Magnetic card readers are an example of the application of these devices.

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Tape Cassette

It is a less expensive though slow medium of computer storage. It does not find much use today as there are far better media for storage. Tape cassettes are generally used for the purpose of backing up large data amount.

Zip Diskette

Zip drive forms the removable floppy disk storage system. These also do not find much use today. But it gives more convenient usage than a floppy disk of three and a half inches when its capacity options and performance are considered.

Optical Storage Devices

Lasers and lights are used to read as well as write data. Following are some examples:

Storage Devices
Storage Devices

Blu-ray disc or BD-ROM replaced DVDs and CDS. These were first introduced in the year 2006 and can store up to twenty-five or fifty GB of data depending upon the disc layer. CD-ROM or Compact disc – read-only memory is optical discs that store the data that can only be read. CD-R, CD-RW disc and DVD-R are some other examples in this category.

Flash Memory Devices

These are better than the above being cheaper and more effective and efficient.
Examples include memory card, SD card, Compact Flash, MMC, USB flash drive and SDHC card. Some more of these are NVMe, SSD and a Sony memory stick.

USB flash drives or pen drives are a very comfortable way to store as well as transfer data from one computer to the other. Two GB to one TB is their size usually. Talking of the memory cards, they are greatly used in mobile phones to increase the amount of data that can be stored in mobiles. They can also be connected to music players and printers.

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Online And Cloud

Cloud storage and network media are becoming popular these days as they allow using more than one device to access data.
Cloud storage or cloud computing refers to the services by the collection of remote servers over a network. This storage can let you store a very huge amount of data that can be accessed by some other devices as well.


Storage devices are the stuff without which computers won’t find much use. They are important for development in all respects. And with the advancement in technology, newer and better versions are coming to take the world of technological development to newer heights.

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